Chemical, physical and biological characterization of urban atmospheric Particulate Matter (2007-2008)

The project has the aim to analyze the PM chemical components and to study the impact on human health. The plane of the project is scheduled below:
• the development of innovative studies and researches on PM, by the use of the most recent methodologies suggested by the E.C. to evaluate the impact of urban atmospheric emissions and to create risk maps for the territorial area of Milan city;
• the achievement of studies and researches to establish the PM concentration effects on human health related to the exposure duration
• the investigation on the possible relations between PM composition and biological effects
• the suggestions to the local administrators on the possible routes to be followed for reduction of pollution levels.

Activities and Results
• Set up of an impactor system able to sample ultrafine particles;
• Definition of particle chemical and physical properties and their biological impact;
• Identification of bacterial components adsorbed to PM;
• Toxicity threshold values; definition of oxidative and inflammatory stress induced on A549 cells (Human lung adenocarcinoma epithelial cell line), with particular attention to the effects due to the biological components
• Definition of cellular pathway involved in response related to oxidative stress for exposure to PM;
• Definition of toxic potential risk by alternative test compared with use of laboratory mammals.

Contract Project PROLIFE