Carbon Management of Bicocca University

The climate changes needs to interventions in order to to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. The Carbon Footprint (CF) is a specific tool/indicator for measuring, reporting and baseline for the CO2 emissions reduction produced by a system. This tool is the basis of Carbon Management project, implemented by the University of Milan Bicocca with a voluntary agreement with the Ministry of the Environment. The project aims at measure the carbon footprint of the University in order to promote its reduction through energy savings actions. Furthermore, an overall services improvement and awareness of employees and students are needed in order to achieve a more sustainable campus university.

The project focuses on three areas: energy consumption (electrical and thermal), waste management and mobility (commuting). By processing the data, using the Life Cycle Assessment methodology, leads to the amount of CO2 emitted in atmosphere directly or indirectly by the three areas of investigation.
The University, based on the results obtained by the project, will be able to launch path towards a greater efficiency and sustainability, both in structure and management investments and by promoting employees and students sustainable behaviors.