Ecopned – Ecology and tires for building

ECOPNED, ecology and tires for building, is a research project funded by Economic Development Ministry – Call for New Technologies for Made in Italy “Industry 2015″

Research Group: Polaris Research Centre (University of Milano Bicocca), Elastrade, Comerio Ercole, Dal Ben, BIOISOTHERM, FAI Instruments, Proxima, Aetolia VZ.

The project aims to develop new materials and innovative products for building and infrastructure sector, characterized by the presence of granulated rubber from recycled tires.

The research activities planned for Polaris Center are:

1 – LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) evaluation on the entire project;

2 – Morphological characterization of granulated rubber from tyres;

3 – Determination of the characteristics of the granulated rubber;

4 – Verification of the environmental compatibility of the obtained products.

  • EPRI
  • FIRB
  • PRIN 2008
  • V.E.S.P.A.