Applied Mineralogy

The team has expertise in the morphological and structural characterization of nanoparticles and in developing functional nanomaterials starting from mineralogical substrates. The activity within the POLARIS research center focuses on the study of the airborne particulate matter, either naturally produced by weathering of rocks and volcanic activity, or of anthropogenic origin. We can rely on the following facilities:

PXRD-Lab: X-Ray Powder Diffractometer PANalytical X’Pert PRO with ultrafast detector for phase identification and quantitative phase analyses of crystalline particulate matter, powdered samples, and thin films.

SEM-Lab: Low vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope Tescan VEGA TS 5136XM for morphological characterization and counting of microscopic particles directly on a filter from a speciation sampler. Semi-quantitative chemical analyses through EDX spectrometry of single particles and fibers.

AFM-Lab: Atomic Force Microscope Brucker MultiMode Nanoscope V for surface analyses at the nanoscale, either in air, modified atmosphere, or fluid. Measurements of the surface electric, magnetic, and friction forces, and measurement of the electric conductivity.