The aim of the POLARIS Research Center is to increase and integrate the state of knowledge in the following macro-areas of research:

AIR QUALITY AND HEALTH: Monitoring of air quality in indoor and outdoor environments and study of the impact on human and environmental health, with focus on the presence of airborne contaminants and the spread of pathogens

Recent publications: Marchetti et al. 2023. On fine particulate matter and COVID-19 spread and severity: An in vitro toxicological plausible mechanism

Related projects: MUSA, IT-BEST

INNOVATIVE, SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES: Support for the development of safe, sustainable and innovative (nano)technologies, with assessment of their safety during the entire life cycle (circularity). Study of emerging contaminants, their impact on health and risk prevention and mitigation strategies

Recent publications:

Related projects: ASINA, BIOMAT, AMROCE

ECONOMIA E SOCIOLOGIA AMBIENTALE: Valutazione degli impatti ambientali, economici e sociali di prodotti e processi; sviluppo di politiche ambientali in ottica di sostenibilità e circolarità.

Recent publications:

Related projects: