Photo exhibition ART-NANO

ART-NANO – Nanoparticles and nanotechnologies in contact with our life

The POLARIS Research Centre, in collaboration with CIMA (Advanced Microscopy Center, University of Milan) realized the photo exhibition ART-NANO- The “beauty of nanoparticles”. It is an itinerary of 30 pictures realized by the eyes of potent microscopies. The exhibition guides the visitors to the discovery of invisible particles with which we and our cells enter in contact every moment.

copia artnano

ART-NANO aims to artistically portray the world of the nanoscale matter and of the interations of nanoparticles with the living systems. Thanks to the use of advanced microscopy techniques, the extraordinary and fascinating beauty of the submicroscopical world is revealed to our eyes, giving to the observer emotions comparable to those of art.

Observing the pictures is a fashinating experience that also help in understanding the mechanisms at the base of the living and non-living matter. Moreover i twill bring the visitor to the knowledge of the risk for human and environmental health coming from the indiscriminate use of the new nanotechnologies.

The exhibition was exhibited for the first time at the event MEETmeTONIGHT – The night of the researcher 2012.

Later, the exhibition was exposed in Bicocca University (Galleria della Scienza, 6-16 november 2012), preceded on novembre 5th by a CONFERENCE ON NANOPARTICLES.

The exhibition was then exposed in numerous schools, universities or events, including: Università della Montagna (Edolo – BS), NANOFORUM 2013 conference at La Sapienza University in Roma.

For info and booking of ART-NANO contact the POLARS secretary.

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Dott. Maurizio Gualtieri illustrates the effect of nanoparticles on human health.