Morphological analysis (optical microscopy, TEM, SEM)

Light, confocal and electron (SEM and TEM) microscopes are available at the POLARIS Research Center. Histology and ultramicrotomy labs are also available.

The morphological analyses under service are:
– Preparation and microscopical observation of histological samples from cell culture, organs and small organisms
– Preparation of biological samples for TEM and ultrastructural analysis
– Fluorescent nanoparticles and molecules tracking in cells, organs and small organisms, by different laser confocal microscopy
– Characterization of micro- and nano-particles with SEM and TEM
– Characterization of polymer materials and minerals with TEM e SEM-EDX


Instrumentations available: Work station Zeiss Axio Observer Z1; confocal microscope Leica SP5- STED; Transmissione electron Microscope Jeol JEM1220; Scanning Electron Microscope TESCAN VEGA 5136XM equipped with a EDX EDAX GENESIS 4000XMS probe; Reichert Ultracut E ultramicrotome.