Environmental footprint evaluation

Nowadays, environmental sustainability is a main priority which guides both public and private company: the “green” performance analysis and the achievement of sustainable paths are crucial.

It means to implement a business strategy aware of the environment and natural resources with specific attention also to economic and social aspects. Therefore, the achievement of good performances within all three pillars of sustainability is the nowadays challenge.

The POLARIS Research Center offers to organizations and companies a wide range of services on sustainability field, which are aimed both to systemic analysis, using a variety of methodologies and the promotion of green policies and actions for reducing and improving the environmental footprint.

The services offered fall into the following categories:

  • Environmental impact assessment of products and processes using LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for government agencies and companies;
  • Carbon Footprint calculation of products and services in order to compute the greenhouse gases emission;
  • Development of waste management systems;
  • Monitoring and rationalization of energy consumption
  • Sustainability reports;
  • Sustainable mobility planning through mobility management actions;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of environmental impacts along the food chain