Who we are

POLARIS research centre (POLveri in Ambiente e RIschio per la Salute), of the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Milano Bicocca, has been instituted during 2008 and proposed by Marina Camatini. This Centre arises from the competences developed by the research group coordinated by M. Camatini, on the evaluation and monitoring of air quality and the impact to the human health and environment.

The competences on this field has been the aggregation point for other Bicocca University research groups, other Universities and Industries and research Centres involved in activities oriented to environmental protection.

The Centre can analyze and evaluate quite every type of emissions to indoor and outdoor ambient, their environmental impact and has competences to suggest and develop systems able to contain pollution emissions.

Recently POLARIS has developed new competences and actually 13 research groups are involved in four research themes, which are:

  • Air quality and health;
  • Nanotoxicology;
  • Innovative materials from end life products;
  • Environmental sustainability.

POLARIS offers many services for industries.